Radio broadcast on Healthcare Associated Infections

Originally posted 5-26-2011:
I came across a fantastic radio broadcast from WHYY Radio on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).  Dr. Neil Fishman gives a great overview of the HAI problem, how to help control infections, and antibiotic resistance. I recommend listening to it if you have an hour to spare and want to learn more about why HAIs are such an important issue in healthcare at this time.

If nothing else, listen to the first 20 minutes. The broadcast starts off with an interview with Kerry O'Connell, a patient safety advocate who has been suffering for years from the effects of an HAI.  It is stories like Kerry's that remind us why preventing infections are so important. It is a reminder that every HAI effects someone, and those effects can be devastating sometime. It is a shame that one infection can lead to multiple surgeries and cause someone to fear getting the necessary treatment needed at a hospital.