Here is a brief summary of some of the UX services that I can offer:


Expert Analysis

Are your users complaining that your application or site is too confusing to use? Sometimes a quick analysis by a UX expert can uncover usability issues that you may be overlooking. I can provide a deeper heuristic evaluation to help identify the problem areas that need to be addressed. 

UX Research

The most important part of good User Experience practice is to know and understand your users. I can provide guidance on user interviews, focus groups, and usability testing to get to the root of their product needs. 

Sharing the results in consumable format is just as important. I can create use cases, flow diagrams, and personas to get your team to understand the issues to solve. 

UX DesigN

Finally you need well thought out solutions that will deliver a great experience. From quick low-fidelity wireframes to higher fidelity interactive prototypes, mobile to laptop, screen or no screen; I can help deliver the interaction your users want and deserve. 


Product Strategy

Struggling to figure out if people will buy your product? I can help with Product-Market Fit analysis. I will get out of the office to do Customer Discovery and validate product ideas to see if there is indeed a market. I can help figure out a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and establish feature priorities to deliver the most value to your users in the shortest period of time.

New product design is messy. Let me help you smooth out the journey to building a product. 

Something you didn't see? Not sure where to begin? Want to discuss UX or Product Management in general? Just contact me!