New Clinical Simulation Center at University of Wisconsin

Originally posted 11-2-2011:
I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up my paper this morning to learn that the University of Wisconsin hospital has opened up a Clinical Simulation Center. I was downright giddy when I realized they had an Open House, which lead me to jump in my car and drive down the road see the center for myself.

I have written before about similar Simulation centers and the importance of simulation in healthcare. In fact, I found real inspiration and understanding for Patient Safety due to an eye opening simulation experience. As a Patient Safety advocate and User Experience designer, how can I not be a fan of healthcare simulation?

I'll admit, I felt like a kid in a candy store at the Open House today. UW has built an impressive center for clinical educational opportunities: They have various types of patient simulator mannequins, including infant and pediatric patients, three simulator rooms for OR, ICU, or regular floor clinical situations, control rooms with cameras for observation, and all of the top of the line equipment you would find if it were the real deal. The people I met there were great, and all understood the importance and significance of the center.

The University of Wisconsin Hospital is doing it right. They are investing their money wisely. I've said it before - would a new pilot jump into the cockpit of a 737 and fly 100 plus people without any training? No, they practice on flight simulators in a safe environment. So why wouldn't we expect the clinicians that take care of our family and ourselves to not do the same? I'm glad to see that UW has gotten on board with this trend. I wouldn't be surprised if most large hospital had facilities like this 10 years from now.

Tomorrow's newspaper will probably not be as exciting...