If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care

Originally posted 7-13-2011:
I wanted to share this interesting video that was sent to me this week. It's titled "If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care", and is based on an article by Jonathan Rausch from a couple years ago.

It is very critical of many aspects of the current state of healthcare. From a Patient Safety standpoint, a couple lines stood out to me:
  • "But 95 percent of these questions are always the same. Don't you know that every time I fill out one of these duplicative forms I increase the chance of error? Wouldn't it make more sense to hold my travel information centrally, so that everyone could see the same thing?"
  • "In a sane system, I would call an airline and it would give me a price for the whole trip, not just for one part of it. It would sell me a safe round-trip journey, instead a series of separate procedures."