Pharmacy OneSource Sentri7 Infection Control Prototype

Mockup of a Culture Line List to display positive Microbiology results in a specified population. 

Once Sentri7 was able to pull in Microbiology data, the Pharmacy OneSource leadership team decided to explore expanding the application into the Infection Control domain. There was a growing market need to help Infection Preventionists report Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) to the CDC. 

Clicking on a patient pops up a detailed Culture History.

I led the User Research efforts by shadowing and interviewing Infection Preventionists at three hospitals. The intense interviewing, observations, and artifact collection made me quickly realize that we could not just add on an IP feature. The workflows observed uncovered a new set of user needs that could not be met within the Sentri7 pharmacy offering. 

It took some growing pains before building an Infection Control product was made a priority. I worked with a Product Manager and another UX Designer to mockup wireframes for an initial prototype. The mockups were based on a year's worth of user research and marketing data collected by our team.  

Isolation Management work list.

The screen shots on this page are the results of an initial HTML prototype that was created with a couple developers.  A few of the User Needs covered included:

  • Ability to review a list of all positive culture results.
  • Ability to properly isolate patients.
  • Ability to create infection reports. 

The prototype was first showcased at the 2010 APIC conference, where it was given rave reviews. The team continued to use the prototype to establish the first set of features created by the Product Development team. 

The click-through prototype was very basic, but it was based on intense user research. It allowed our team to tell a story around Infection Control workflows, which we were able to successfully validate.  The user research I started along with the mockups I designed ended up becoming the basis of a new product offering within the Sentri7 platform. 

Infection Report to document infection details to report to the CDC. 

Mockup of a Surgical Site Infection report by surgery type.