Pharmacy OneSource Sentri7 Corrected Labs Project

Sometimes the simplest updates can be powerful. Sentri7 is an electronic surveillance application originally designed to help pharmacists find drug therapy intervention opportunities for patients. The original design did not account for situations when the Laboratory corrected reported results. This led to confusion as to what results users could trust when corrections were made.

Sentri7 Corrected Lab Screenshot (click to enlarge)

In order to determine the best fix for the issue, I interviewed a few nurses and asked how they handled lab corrections in paper charts. Yes...paper charts. I was trying to bring a real-world affordance into the software to provide a familiar solution for the users. I learned that it was common to document corrections with a single strikethrough with the corrected value written next to it. Some nurses would also write a "C" next to the updated value to help indicate it was the correction.  

The final design introduced the strikethrough and "C" with the listed lab results. Correction notes were also accessible via the page icon. Simple...yet much safer.