Pharmacy OneSource Simplifi797 Dashboard Project

Sometimes a great design starts as a napkin sketch, but napkin sketches do not make a good final application UI. Unfortunately that is how Simplifi797 got its start.

Simplifi797 is an application that helps log and track Pharmacy Compounding Room compliance based on USP 797 standards. It's a great application, but the usability was poor when I was asked to be the UX Designer. 

I spent a lot of time observing workflows in Compounding Rooms, interviewing current and former Pharmacy Technicians, and even trained at the BAXA Star Center just to understand the environment Simplifi797 users worked in. 

BEFORE: The original Simplifi797 Dashboard (click to enlarge)

One of the many projects I tackled was a user interface update to the Dashboard - the task management and landing page of the application. Users were getting bombarded with numerous Overdue Tasks, causing the cleaning tasks to be done on the current day to scroll off the screen. There was not a way to filter the view to a date range to allow the user to focus on the most current tasks. 


I developed two different Dashboard designs to visually clean up the user interface as well as address some of the raised usability issues. A-B testing was done to identify user preference, and final usability testing was done to validate the final design was indeed seen as an improvement:

AFTER: Screen shot of the updated Dashboard (click to enlarge)

This UX update was one of many made to Simplifi797 during the late 2000s to improve the usability of the product. These improvements were one of the many factors that allowed Simplifi797 to have the highest market share for USP 797 compliance applications.