I have spent a majority of my 15+ year career as a User Experience engineer in the healthcare technology world. My product development experience includes anesthesia machines, a critical care ventilator, two electronic surveillance applications, and electrosurgical generators.  I'm a Product Manager wanna be and a fan of "Jobs to be Done" theory.

Through this experience I have developed a strong passion for identifying and understanding the problems that clinicians and other healthcare professionals experience with their technology on an everyday basis. Ultimately, I want to help great teams build great products. 

My education includes a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin that focused on Human Factors in Healthcare.

When I'm not working you will most likely find me outside: running, skiing, on a bike, or hiking on a mountain trail working on my landscape photography skills

Specialties: User Research, Facilitating usability studies, User Interface Design, Healthcare research, Patient Safety research, Product specification and User Story writing, Product prioritization, User Research Best Practices, Usability Process, Advocating User Experience

Check out my portfolio, resume, and my LinkedIn page to learn more.